Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Friday Night Lights...on a Tuesday

My blog for tonight is inspired by going to my 16 year old niece's high school football games, at which she is a cheerleader.  My husband and I have been faithfully attending both her away and home football games this season.  Her school's team is amazingly good and we love seeing her out there cheering, so being the good aunt and uncle we are, we have been going.  It makes me relive my better high school days (the cheerleading) and lets me forget some of the awful times (every other moment of high school.)

So here are a few awesome YA books that are great for this time of year and for some high school nostalgia:

Remember Me, Christopher Pike Remember Me (Remember Me, #1)  This book is about a girl who is dead.  She doesn't know who killed her and now she's a ghost trying to solve her murder.

Jinx High, Mercedes Lackey Jinx High (Diana Tregarde, #3).  Psychotic teens in Tucson, AZ.  A witch called in to stop them and an ancient evil is lying dormant under the city just beginning to awaken.

The Gathering Darkness, Lisa Collicut.The Gathering Darkness A new girl in school.  Two handsome twins.  Past lives and vengeful witches.

A Royal Pain, Ellen Conford A Royal Pain  A girl finds out she was switched at birth with a princess from a foreign country.  Luckily there's a super cute reporter to catch her interest.

So what books remind you of high school (in a good way)?  Do any of them make you want to stand up and cheer "Hornets! Hornets! Go Go GO!"  No.  Just me?  Well, if you change your mind, you can always join me at my niece's games - I'll be in the front row loudly (and embarrassingly) cheering.


  1. Now I'm nostalgic for high school. I don't know why. I hated every moment in HS!

    1. I know, right? It makes me nostalgic for the high school experience I didn't have - the one that books, movies and TV say I was supposed to have. Like every John Hughes film.

  2. Ugh! HS. I am excited, though, to be part of a posting called "Friday Night Lights," since I love that show, and have a ginormous crush on Taylor Kitsch ;)

    1. I try to pretend that my high school experience was like the ones on TV. At least college was great!

      I'm totally a Matt Saracen fan. <3 Adorable. Taylor Kitsch is super hot, tho.

      And now I miss Friday Night Lights. :( Clear eyes, full hearts can't lose!