Friday, May 3, 2013

Author Appreciation Day Blog Hop Is Here!!!

Happy Author Appreciation Day!!!

I asked you all to join my blog hop and give a rating, review or dedicate a blog entry to an author whose book you love, but haven't rated/reviewed yet.  Have you signed up yet?  If not, you can do so here:

My choice for author appreciation is:

The Family Way (Molly Murphy, #12)
Rating: 4 stars
Genre: Historical Mystery

Rhys Bowen for The Family Way.  This is in the Molly Murphy mystery series and I just love it.  Set in the early 1900 in NYC, Molly is pregnant with her first child and is bored out of her mind.  Used to being busy, and to solving crimes, she is finding her imposed "rest" before having the baby unbearable.  When a letter comes to her old detective agency asking help in locating a girl who came to NY from Ireland, Molly figures it can't hurt to look into it, but her husband, Daniel, asks her to stop.  When she escapes the oppressive heat of summer in New York for the suburbs, and her mother-in-law's house, and she just happens to hear the name of the last known employer of the missing girl. Molly's investigations lead her to a convent with a secret and murder.

I love the Molly Murphy series, but this one made me angry at Molly.  She was 7-8 months pregnant and put herself in a lot of unnecessary danger.  I understand that she enjoys solving mysteries, but to not tell anyone where you are going and to put your unborn child in such risk is beyond stupid.  I like the book and the mystery, but that just rubbed me wrong.  I also wish there had been more interaction with Daniel.  He and Molly always have such funny exchanges.

Regardless of my annoyance with Molly, I still loved the book and read it in 2 days.  Rhys Bowen writes such fun 'cozy mysteries' and I would highly recommend them - especially for a beach read.

You can get it here: Amazon 
Learn more about Rhys Bowen here: Goodreads


  1. Yeah. That's reckless, but the book sounds pretty good. :-) I think I'm going to move some of my goodreads reviews to amazon for more than just my hugged author...I may hug these authors on Twitter to let them know. :-)

  2. Happy Author Appreciation Day!

    That does sound reckless, but a pregnant lady solving crimes also sounds kinda amazing! Thanks for the review and thanks for hosting! :)

    1. Molly is pretty amazing. It's been fun reading her journey and escapades. I really love the series and the author.