Monday, May 13, 2013

Sometimes I'm Clueless

Ok, yes it's true.  Sometimes I'm clueless. 

As a relative "new-bee" to the blogging world, I am learning new things about blogging almost on a weekly basis.  Today's big AH-HA! moment was when I was just playing around Amazon and was looking at the reviews I've done and saw that I have a reviewer ranking!  I had no idea they ranked their reviewers as well as their books.  I am #82,062 on their top reviewer list.  Ok, so I have a lot of work cut out for me to get up to one of their coveted badges for top 1,000, 500, 100, 50, 10 and #1.  But I had no idea these were even options!

Which brings me to another thing I have been clueless about.  I almost never click on the bottom of the review where it asks me if the review was helpful or not.  If someone takes the time to write a review, and I bothered to read it, I should actually take the 10 seconds and click the "yes" or "no" button.  Sheesh!  Clueless!

So there you go, my book reviewer lesson of the day: Not only should I review things on Amazon, I should also give props to other people who do.

Happy Monday!


  1. One thing I was clueless for awhile about was the option to "like" a post/review on a wordpress blog. Sometimes all I really have to say is "great review," but I know that doesn't sound very thoughtful or personal, so usually I'd rather not comment than write a generic "great review!" BUT on wordpress blogs, you can "like" the post -- so I at least feel like the person who took the time to write it knew I read and paid attention to it, even if I didn't have a lot to say. I kind of wish blogger had that too, but I guess we can't have everything!

    I'm definitely like you and learn stuff about blogging ALL the time...

  2. I've never left a review on Amazon, although I knew about the like button! 82K+ is pretty darned good in their rankings!

    Now, Goodreads is a different matter.

  3. Thanks for the tip. I was looking for the: Was this review helpful: "yes" or "no" buttons for this post but did not see them. I will try to find out my ranking. I'm sure you will be high up there in no time!

  4. Huh...I never click on that button either. I never even think about it. That's a great tip though and so true. I really rely on reviews when I'm deciding what books to get, so the least I could do is click the damn button!

    Good luck getting into those top numbers. It's a great goal to shoot for!