Friday, September 21, 2012

Wilde's Army (Darkness Falls: Book Two) by Krystal Wade

Wilde's Army (Darkness Falls, #2)
Genre(s): Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance

Book Two of the Darkness Falls Trilogy picks up where Book One, Wilde's Fire, ended: Kate is alone, everyone is missing...except for Perth, the Ground Dweller whom no one trusts. In order to rescue everyone, she must learn to trust Perth, find where they are hidden, and then get everyone to the "relative" safety of Willow Falls. Relative because while there are no daemons to fight in Willow Falls, there are dangerous politics and Ground Dweller customs that she must adjust to and learn about.

In this book we find Kate and Arland's relationship tested.  Not only does she grudgingly befriend Perth (whom Arland automatically dislikes because he is a Ground Dweller), she has to trust him to help her and to save her relationship with Arland.  Kate is supposed to marry Perth, but she does not want to and he doesn't want to marry someone who is in love with another.  Brit, Arland, Kate and Perth have to work together to get around the political machinations to reach their goal: let Kate and Arland marry.  That is, if they can put aside jealousy.

Some people thought Wilde's Fire had some slow parts to it, but not so in Wilde's Army. It is action packed and nerve-wracking to the last.  You have battles with daemons and snakes (yuck) as well as internal battles among the Encardians.

This book elicited a lot of emotions for me. Fear and nervousness for Kate, Perth and the people who were captured (heck, I even was nervous about the horses!). Anger and affronted feminism towards Perth's father. I literally wanted to jump into the book and smack him for some of the things he said.  Happiness, sadness, relief, and anxiety. You run the full gamut of emotions in this book.  

Can't wait to see how book 3 wraps up this awesome trilogy!

Rating: 5 Stars!

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