Monday, November 12, 2012

Wilde's Meadow Character Interview and a Giveaway

Well, I had the chance of a lifetime today, and one I'd rather not repeat.  I got to interview with Dughbal, God of Darkness, from the Darkness Falls series and most recently to show up in Wilde's Meadow!  Here is the transcript of the interview.  I had no idea what I was getting myself in to...

S: Dughbal, thank you for coming to Earth today to answer a few questions about the upcoming war that will be featured in Wilde’s Meadow.

D: Make it quick. My siblings would mock me if they knew I was meeting with a mere mortal such as yourself--and in the most boring of all worlds.

::shuffles notes nervously:: 
S: So what is your ultimate goal for Encardia?

D: You ask such personal questions. If you must know, I never intended the battle on the Draiochtans to go on for so long, but Griandor and his patience. So infuriating. Then when I heard about HER . . . well, I couldn't help myself. The threat of Katriona's existence enticed my desire for action, for chaos.

S: That's it?  Chaos?  I would have thought a God would have a more grandiose plan than chaos.  I mean, where does that get you?

D: Out of boredom, my dear, but I would never expect you to understand. How long have you lived?

S: I’m 35

D: Why am I here again? Call me again when you've added a few hundred years to that pathetic age. Oh, that's right, you'll be dead.

S: Ok then...well, between Griandor's patience and the fact that you’ve been influencing Brad for years, you had a lot of time to prepare for all this.  What time-management system do you use?  Do you have a 5 year plan?

D: Time-management? Hmm. Humans and their odd way of looking at the world. I do not manage my time; I merely find things to fulfill my needs. Currently that consists of stripping as much inherent power from the useless Draiochtans as possible, and that's pretty easy since they outlawed the use of the very thing that could save them from me. Why my brother loves these people, I'll never understand.

S: What are your feelings for Kate? Minor irritation or full rabid hatred?

D: She is just a minor irritation, but one I have truly grown fond of. Kate believes she can best me. Can you believe that? Me? An army of daemons serve me. I cannot be killed. Yet she attacks over and over again, and with such conviction. The war with her is greater than I have ever fought with my siblings.

S: Well, when you're done with the war you so obviously will win, what then?  What's next?

D: I hope to inflict the same amount of pain on my brothers and sisters as they have inflicted upon me. Once Encardia is destroyed, they will know how the loss of Elysia wounded me, they will know we should rebuild, and they should rid themselves of the idea of trading worlds to govern. The new Elysia should be mine. The inhabitants loved me, and my family destroyed it all.

S: What does your therapist say about your obsession with destroying worlds and hurting your family?

D: Have you met a coscartha? They have razor-sharp teeth and claws that I am sure could puncture straight to your heart. Never mind the poison. Keep asking questions like that, and I will call one to meet us.

::starting to sweat profusely, but trying to remain professional::
S: *ahem* That segues nicely to my next question: Do you have a favorite Daemon?

D: The winged creatures are the most loyal to me, the most inclined to do as they're told and enjoy it.

S: If this war isn’t successful, what then? Have you thought about going back to college?

D: I am an immortal. I have plenty of time to be successful.

S: Well I wish you the best of luck.  Kind of.

D: Luck is for fools.

S: Last question.  Tell me honestly: Team Brad or Team Arland?

D: Katriona is blind in her love for Arland Maher. The human boy Brad is stronger than I anticipated, and the love he feels for her is very real, very pure, sometimes overcoming even my own almost limitless powers. I doubt the Draiocthans could endure me possessing his soul; I doubt he would.

S: Ok, well I'd better let you get back to your malice and mayhem.  Thanks for allowing this interview, and since you don't need luck, I take it back - I don't wish you good luck.

D: You can keep your luck. If you are as nosy with others as you have been with me, you may need the non-existent luck.

S: Okay then. Bye!

D:Good bye, Susanna.

That clinched it.  He is pure evil.  He DARED to call me by my full name.  Stupid evil god.  It's like my mother - refuses to use the nickname.

Well, in further celebration of the Wilde's Meadow release, I am giving away a copy of the ebook!  So fill out the rafflecopter between now and November 12th!  

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  1. What a fun post! I would enter the contest, but I don't have an e-reader & reading on the kindle app on my computer makes my head of these days I may get into the digital age, but I probably have a few hundred paper books to get through before I even think about it!

    1. Krystal was lamenting that no one wanted to interview the anti-hero, so I was all "I'll do it!" I'm such a sucker. :)

      I hemmed and hawed about getting an e-reader. I got one and while it is quite convenient and I do use it, I much prefer a regular old book. However, if you travel at all, having an e-reader is the only way to go. Lugging books around is not fun at all.